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iPhone 12 Pro Personalised Phone Cases Mockup

iPhone 12 Pro Personalised Phone Cases

Our iPhone 12 pro personalised phone cases provide the best of both worlds when it comes to protection and customization.

Made from top quality, shock absorbent materials. Highlight your desired snaps in just a few taps.

Simply upload your photos from any device to design your personalised iPhone 12 pro case with ease.

You are really spoilt when it comes to choice. Browse our selection of iPhone 12 pro case types to customise, and find your ideal smartphone shield.

Top Class protection, makes all the difference.

Vibrant HD Printing

Vibrant HD Printing

Top Quality Phone Case Drop Protection

Top Quality Protection

Eco Friendly Phone Case Materials

Eco Friendly Materials

Print Width: 73mm Print Height: 148mm
Brand: iPhone 12 Pro Case Type: iPhone Bumper Cases
Material: Silicone Availability: In Stock
Print Type: Custom Case Color: Black
SKU: SKUDM00195-2
Print Width: 73mm Print Height: 148mm
Brand: iPhone 12 Pro Case Type: Clear Bumper
Material: Silicone Availability: In Stock
Print Type: Picture Case Color: Clear
SKU: SKUDM00195-5
Print Width: 94mm Print Height: 161mm
Brand: iPhone 12 Pro Case Type: iPhone Snap Cases
Material: PC Availability: In Stock
Print Type: Photo Case Color: Gloss
SKU: SKUDM00195-1
Print Width: 100mm Print Height: 164mm
Brand: iPhone 12 Pro Case Type: iPhone Tough Cases
Material: Silicone, PC Availability: In Stock
Print Type: Customised Case Color: Black
SKU: SKUDM00195-4
Print Width: 78mm Print Height: 158mm
Brand: iPhone 12 Pro Case Type: iPhone Wallet Cases
Material: Leather Availability: In Stock
Print Type: Personalised Wallet Case Color: Black Leather
SKU: SKUDM00195-3

iPhone 12 Pro Personalised Phone Cases FAQs

We appreciate that not everyone wants pictures on their personalised phone case, which is why we have a dedicated support team of graphic designers to assist you. Choose from a wide range of artwork created just for you, including fonts, layouts, backgrounds and more.
The iPhone 12 Pro custom case captures and produces excellent, vivid print results thanks to the use of cutting-edge print technologies.

However, as you are already aware. The quality of the final product is determined by the outcome of the image being submitted to the DMC case tool. Please use high-resolution images to guarantee a high-quality finish on your iPhone 12 Pro personalised case.
We support all image formats and sizes, so creating the perfect custom iPhone 12 Pro case is simple. However, we do suggest using high-quality pictures for the best possible finish on your custom iPhone case
All of our iPhone 12 pro bumper cases are designed to ensure maximum protection for your apple device.

The iPhone bumper cases consist of top quality TPU that supports and protects the outer edge of your smartphone. Our rigid PC back plate holds everything together to ensure excellent overall protection.
Uploading snaps and artwork to display on your iPhone 12 pro can easily be achieved in a few simple steps.

Begin adding your photos by clicking the 'create my case' button. Once the DMC case creator has loaded, it's time to get creative. Click the 'upload tab' and start adding your preferred snaps.

Make your iPhone 12 pro personalised case one of a kind by overlaying funny quotes, your initials or name.

Design creative protection with our selection of special effects, clipart and backgrounds.
We use the latest materials in the making of all our personalised iPhone cases. These materials such as TPU, TPE and PC when combined offer excellent impact resistance to ensure your iPhone keeps that pristine finish straight out of the box.

Using these materials in conjunction with years of phone case development and design. All of our custom iPhone cases offer great protection for your smartphone.
Make it exclusive and personal by uploading from social media or directly from your laptop.

The DMC case maker helps you to personalise your iPhone 12 Pro personalised wallet case by allowing you to add text, fonts, colour and backgrounds.

Overlay with amusing quotations that only you and a few others can appreciate. In a few basic steps, you will build the ideal gift while still providing excellent protection.

Our wallet cases are just an excellent way to protect your phone. Our iPhone 12 Pro custom wallet cases offer excellent drop-proof security on every sloppy occasion by using only high-quality materials to guarantee military-grade durability.
Faux leather and long-lasting TPU are combined for all-around longevity. Our personalised wallet cases have 360-degree protection to keep your valuable iPhone in pristine condition..

All of our iPhone 12 Pro custom wallet cases have three inner pockets, which can hold up to six cards when tied together by the strong magnetic clasp.
Yes, you can use the DMC tool's layout tab to organise images and build your iPhone 12 Pro wallet case for up to 15 photos.

But, for the best printing results, we suggest using high-resolution pictures. We recognise that certain photographs are irreplaceable, and we still do our best to deliver the best printing results possible.
With our picture collage feature, you can really make your custom case stand out. Take up to 20 photos and display them directly on your picture phone case.

Please keep in mind that high-quality photos are recommended to achieve the greatest result for your iPhone 12 Pro photo phone case.
When importing to the DMC interface, we consider using either.jpg or.png format.

Adding images is simple; simply tap the "Design Now" button to access the DMC case maker. Once you've arrived at the page, you can actually start uploading your photos by pressing the "upload" button at the top of the screen.

You can also add text and special effects to give your iPhone 12 Pro a truly personalised look.

If you're having trouble inserting pictures to your personalised phone case. Please get in touch with us via live chat, phone, or email.
Yes, we also have exclusive discounts for bulk phone case orders.

If you just want to create phone cases for work, education, family, or friends, or if you want to advertise your company with customized artwork, this is the place to be.

Contact us for exclusive discounts on personalised cases and accessories. A member of our design team will contact you to walk you through the best deals we have to bring.
All of our custom cases are dispatched the same day providing your order was placed before 2pm.

Your personalised iPhone case is processed by the UKs leading postal service, royal mail. Then to be delivered within 48 hours using our free postage service.

If you have selected special, or next day delivery. Your iPhone case will arrive the following day after dispatch.

If you have any further questions related to your order. Please contact us via live chat, email or phone.
If you're having trouble designing your custom iPhone 12 Pro case, we have a dedicated team of support to assist you, or you can just use our simple upload feature and we'll take care of the rest.
Actually, you can import up to 30 images directly to your iPhone 12 Pro case using the DMC case creator.

However, when inserting more than one photo, we recommend that you use high-quality pictures when scaling images to match your iPhone, this guarantees top quality results.

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