Apple Releasing Three New iPhone's in 2019

Apple Drawing Level Three New iPhone's, The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 R, iPhone 11 Max


Apple is struggling to meet their sales expectations this year with the iPhone XR with its liquid crystal display, they are thriving to jump out of the box with some updated releases in September. So, we’ve had some updates on the 2019 iPhone line up from the wall street journal saying that Apple is planning to introduce three new iPhones with a new set of cameras.

What we Know

Apple analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo reported back in October that we were going to expect three new iPhones in 2019. The report was pretty abbreviated and we didn’t know much other than the fact that two of the new iPhone were going to retain the old liquid crystal display whilst one of the iPhones is still going to come with an LCD Display.

The wall street journal clearly pointed out that the current iPhones are not selling all that well especially the latest iPhone XR, so it’s interesting to know that iPhone is continuing to introduce this year’s similar iPhone line up despite their fall-back experience last year.


Now, returning back to the report from the wall street journal, they report the high end 6.5-inch model possibly with the name iPhone 11 Max might be the only model to get a triple lens rear-facing camera whilst the other two models being the iPhone 11 5.8 inches and the iPhone 11R rumoured to come carrying just a dual rear camera. Now it kind of makes sense that the largest and more pricey iPhone model will be getting the advanced triple lens camera setup whilst the other two won’t have that benefit. With the current iPhone 10S models, there isn’t really anything spectacular that differentiates the two other than the sizes.

iPhone 11 Rendered mockup.

 The all-new camera upgrade for the highest model will differentiate it from its successor the new 5.8-inch iPhone 11. So the triple lens camera setup on the higher model iPhone 11 max could be getting an ultra-wide angle lens with 3 x optical zoom while the 5.8 inch iPhone could retain a similar camera from the previous model and have minimal upgrades and the successor of the iPhone 10R that’s getting a dual-lens camera that’s been upgraded from the original single lens and also comes with 2x optical zoom.

Barclays Confirm The New 2019 iPhones to Support the New Wi-Fi 6


Barclays reported the iPhone 11 line up will support the newest generation of WIFI called WIFI 6 that will have faster speed, higher security, and better range. Now it will take time for this new Wi-Fi to be scaled worldwide but its good to know that the new iPhones will support it. We will also see improved face id with a smaller notch as reported by Ming-Chi-Kuo with Apple increasing the flood illuminator that will help with decreasing the potential for environmental lights interfering with the face ID so it basically means the upgraded face id on all the 2019 iPhone will have less fails to authentications in comparison with the current models  so by the looks of it we won't be getting  a drastic change from last years models besides form the new cameras, smaller notches and of course better hardware. Not to forget we might be getting built in-screen touch id as an alternative unlocking method to face ID based on speculations.

Check out this recent article from the wall street journal describing how Apple is struggling to keep up with the competition from local smartphone rivals, with a trade-dispute fallout, and a vigorous court battle could make 2019 a tough year for the company.

Link: Wall Street Journal



Date Published: 2019-01-13 23:10:26

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